drawing, a rose out of an apple

One treasure for each day !

This first post will quite illustrate the way I see. Even in a morn gray first appearance, any day has its own hidden treasure. A precious one,  and that, just for you! Simples, few examples will follow.

From the movie “Amelie” (Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain, in french), ” Inception”, and some of my own little notebooks. It’s very simple and enjoyable. Now, let’s get into it:

So let’s say that you have just pulled yourself out of the pyjama, and are ready to take a cup of tea or coffee. Outside your window things are deeply grayed, maybe even opaque. It’s time to do the first thing to catch a treasure! How? By opening your attention to every detail around you. Yes, all of them! From inside to outside, or visa-versa.

Start with your own room. Take your time.  Just observe and be still. Notice things. Tea leaves, coffee drops, spider net. Expand with outside. The view from your window frame, the street (go outside), subway, offices, parks ( a huge place for this exercise!:p). Be and stay aware of how your perception is getting richer, how the plane gray you begin with your day is fading away…Cool!

Maybe it’s just a simple pattern on a dress or a tie on that man you crossed in the elevator, or the yellow glow of a marble on the ground, or the shape of a patch of ink your colleague dropped from his ink pen. It’s exponential. And it can be anything.


The next thing to do, is to take time to “make it speak”, deliver it’s content in a way^^: Draw it. Question it. Read about it. Open your dictionaries, anthologies wide.  What does it symbolise? Does it recall you of something? Search within your own history and the History. Among movies too, strips, books…Look up at as many ramification as you want. I bet it’s roots are huge. Sometime it’s so enormous, that  it can take days to follow their treasure path.

Let’s see some examples:

amelie poulain nuage

– in “Amelie” film, the young girl find a  boy’s box  and see a rabbit among the sky . Childs sees easily narrative forms everywhere as hidden  treasures…signs…

drawing from a notebook,

– Now from my notebooks. This is a drawing I made after visiting a beautiful japanese private garden.

And another one simply after a glance at the mirror on the bathroom wall.

drawing, a rose out of an apple

inception's totem object

-” Inception“. Here  the spinning top of the hero,  acted by Leonardo di Caprio shows that his treasure-object, artifact, can be seen as Totem.  It became sense-maker,  it symbolise a link to and through the world  to the hero…

In conclusion, try to pay some additional  attention to everything around you. Place yourself in a very zen attitude, and if not expressing yourself, en-rich you and cheer ;)! Feel free to leave your comments.


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